Read this before you continue!

YOU MUST BE PRESENT AT ALL DELIVERIES: Our drivers do not unload plant material. for liability reasons, our drivers are asked not to unload plants from the trucks. They will open the doors, answer questions, but they won’t help you unload. Please don’t ask them to. Please ensure that you have the proper equipment and/or people to unload the plants off the back of the truck. You are liable for any damages to equipment and injury to yourself when unloading the material from the truck.

YOU HAVE 24 HOURS TO SUBMIT QUALITY CONCERNS: We don’t guarantee our plants, but we will listen to concerns as long as they are brought forward in the first 24 hours after delivery. After that, we don’t have any control over the plants’ health. It’s in your hands.

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE OUR PLANTS: Most retail type nurseries will offer a 1-year warranty with their plants, we are not one those nurseries. The main reason is we don’t offer a guarantee is we don’t know what you’re going to do with that plant after we ship it to you. Plants are perishable goods and they need to be taken care of. By purchasing from wholesalers and growers directly you take on the responsibility of a professional landscaper. That means you need to know how to take expert care of the plants we ship you. If you feel like you need one on one coaching and a 1-year guarantee we recommend you buy from a local retail store in your area. Don’t worry, we will not be offended at all!

WE DELIVERY ON LARGE TRAILERS: Large 53′ Reefer trailer semis will most likely be delivering your plants so make sure you have the room in your driveway or area for that truck to go. If you don’t, contact us and we’ll work on making other arrangements.