Terms and Conditions at Checkout

Home Delivery Expectations

We pride ourselves on being one of the first companies that are able to provide 2-3 day shipping directly to homes in the intermountain west. But shipping plants comes with its challenges…shipping plants is not like shipping boxes. Plants are alive good, they must be handled with care and with the exception of a few plants they can’t be stacked. Plants are also a lot heavier than boxes and they are expensive to trans-load. We explain all this so that you have an accurate expectation when plants arrive at your door.

Here’s what you should expect from your plant home delivery.

  1. We’re going to verify quality and stock before we charge you. Plants are always changing. They are living organisms after all! We’ll verify that everything looks good before we charge your card and ship your plants.
  2. Your plants may not have flowers… yet. Plants generally only bloom for a short window, especially in the intermountain west. We’ll try our hardest to get you a plant that is blooming, but just know that if it arrives without flowers, it’s not broken! It’s most likely just between bloom cycles. Make sure you do your research on what bloom cycles plants have (some plants only bloom once a year)
  3. You will probably need help unloading your plants. Depending on what you are purchasing the plants you order will be heavy and you might need help. Unfortunately, liability reasons require our truck drivers NOT TO HELP unload the truck.
  4. Your orders may come on a huge semi-trailer. This is a very standard wholesale delivery method but a lot of people are shocked when their plants are delivered this way. Please plan accordingly. Almost all of our container trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses can be unloaded by hand, you will just need to make sure there are more than one set of hands.
  5. Your plants will thrive when you plant them. Most retail nurseries get their plants from locations in the pacific northwest because of its lush growing climate, however, when plants are shipped from such a lush environment to here, they suffer. 90% of our plants originate from Southern Idaho and Utah. This means they’ve acclimated to the West’s harsh weather and will do great where ever they are planted!

In addition to the expectation listed above these steps will aid you in unloading & having a healthy viable plant:

  • Verify quantities received with the packing slip.
  • Note any discrepancies on the packing slip.
  • Inspect your product.
  • Sign the packing slip, then the driver will sign as a witness.
  • Do not drop rootballs.
  • Handle plants by the root ball or pot, not the tops.
  • For tall plants stacked on an angle, leave on an angle until out of the truck, do not attempt to lift plant upright until out of the truck and do not bend against the roof.
  • Do not scrape the bark against another tree or on a steel edge at the back of the truck.
  • When unloading double-stacked trees, a person (not the driver) should be assisting in lifting the head of the tree so it doesn’t slide against other trees on the way out.
  • Untie the tops on plants immediately after unloading. Trees will burn out quickly if not untied promptly after unloading.
  • Water plants immediately after unloading to settle soil around the roots again.
  • Promptly untie, stand up and place trees under sprinklers for 6-8 hours after unloading. Transportation is difficult for trees. Watering them right after delivery will settle the soil back around the roots and preserve their life!
  • If any plants are on racks unload & water them as soon as possible.

*Plant death from failure to un-tie and water plants (especially conifers) within moments of arrival does not constitute a credit or replacement of the plant from WholesalePlantDelivery.com

Our growers inspect each order for health and quality before it leaves our loading dock. If you have a quality issue that you have noted on the packing slip, an appropriate grower will contact you shortly to discuss the plant health or quality issue.

Freight Costs and Shipping

Shipping costs are charged based on the total amount of the order being shipped. See the table below for a detailed explanation. Freight will automatically be added to your order based on your zip code, however, if you live in the Wasatch front, you will have the ability to chose between direct to your home and pick up at one of the nurseries we have there.

Delivery Fees for all locations

Shipping MethodTotal Amount of OrderShipping CostEstimated Delivery Time
Direct to your home$0.00-$499.00$250.002-3 Days
Direct to your home$499.00 and aboveFree Shipping!2-3 Days
Pick up at TriCity South
(Pleasant Grove, UT)
Any AmountFree Shipping!1-2 Days
Pick up at TriCity North
(Kaysville, UT)
Any AmountFree Shipping!1-2 Days
Pick up at Todays Nursery
(Parker, CO)
Any AmountFree Shipping!1-2 Days
Pick up at Trees Northwest
(Boring, OR)
Any AmountFree Shipping!1-2 Days
Pick up at Teton Trees Trees
(Rupert, ID)
Any AmountFree Shipping!1-2 Days

Delivery Expectations

  • Each morning our drivers work hard to call each client to inform him or her of approximate delivery time and verify the delivery address(s). Please provide the correct phone numbers on the order form at the time you place your order. When the driver calls please discuss how much manpower and equipment you will need to have ready at the delivery site to unload.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to have someone on-site, with the necessary manpower and equipment to unload, inspect, count, accept and sign for the ordered plant material.
  • The driver should assist in counting and making sure the paperwork is accounted for.
  • Do not refuse to unload the truck. If there is a serious problem and you question the plant material, immediately contact somebody at wholesaleplantdelivery.com using this link.
  • Once the delivery truck arrives the order must be offloaded in a timely manner. For each ¼ of a 53′ refrigerated semi-truck, a customer is allowed 30 minutes to unload. After the allotted time, detention fees can begin. $25 per every half hour. The driver records the time of each drop so appropriate detention fees can be added.

Return and refund policy

  • If an item is damaged in any way upon delivery or pick up, a full refund will be given.
  • If a pick up of returned plant material needs to occur it must be communicated and scheduled with a representative at wholesaleplantdelivery.com within 5 days of the delivery.

 There is a 25% restocking fee applied to returned plant material unless it is a quality issue. Please feel free to contact us for questions on any quality issues that you may have.

  • Any returns, discrepancies or damages must be noted on the signed packing slip that the driver takes back and returns to wholesaleplantdelivery.com’s farms or emailed to the store administrator.
  • Refunds are not issued unless notes have been made on the signed packing slip at delivery or unless contact has been made with a representative at wholesaleplantdelivery.com.

Report any problems, in writing on the packing slip, and wholesaleplantdelivery.com using this link if you have questions on your order upon arrival. We at wholesaleplantdelivery.com will do our best to provide a timely resolution to any and all problems or concerns.

If you have questions on how to plant your products please consult any one of our sales team. 208-438-8733

Our Farms and Wholesale Nurseries

Our plants originate from various farms and nurseries throughout the intermountain west. All of these nurseries work together every day to provide plant solutions to our customers. All of our nurseries allow wholesaleplantdelivery.com customers to pick up directly at their locations if desired. Please be respectful of the pick-up dates and times on your paperwork that you’ll receive upon completing an order. Do not attempt to pick up an order before the state time and date on the payment confirmation email.

Teton Trees

  • Location: Rupert, ID
  • Acreage: 300+
  • Specialty: Growing of cold-hardy container trees, B&B trees, container shrubs, perennials & grasses
  • Retail Sales: Minimum order for retail sales is $1000.00
  • Website: www.tetontrees.com

Trees Northwest

  • Location: Boring, OR
  • Acreage: 35
  • Specialty: Higher zoned, high-quality container trees, shrubs, perennials & grasses
  • Retail Sales: limited
  • Website: www.treesnorthwest.com

TriCity Nursery North

  • Location: Kaysville, UT
  • Acreage: 8
  • Specialty: Wholesale yard that specializes in stocking cold hardy and high zoned container trees, B&B trees, container shrubs, perennials & grasses as well as hard goods.
  • Retail Sales: YES, full retail available
  • Website: www.tricitynursery.com

TriCity Nursery South

  • Location: Pleasant Grove, UT
  • Acreage: 4
  • Specialty: Wholesale yard that specializes in stocking cold hardy and high zoned container trees, B&B trees, container shrubs, perennials & grasses as well as hard goods.
  • Retail Sales: YES, full retail available
  • Website: www.tricitysouth.com


  • What are the heights and weights of the plants I’m buying?
    • Heights and weights are dependent on the type of plant your buying. Approximate heights and weights are displayed on each product page. See the product page for more information.
  • How soon can I expect to see my plants after I submit an order?
    • After you submit an order, it generally takes 1-4 hours for our teams to verify an order for quality and stock. After it’s verified, we’ll send you an email with payment information. Once we’ve received your payment, you should expect to see your plants delivered in approximately 2-7 days.
  • What if my plant dies a month or so after I buy it?
    • You are welcome to buy a plant to replace the one that has died but most generally we don’t guarantee plants outside of the first 24 hours that they are in your care. Our farms keep our plants on a very strict watering and fertilization schedule that ensures its healthy growth. Once the plants are transplanted and moved to a different environment, we no longer have any control over how that plant grows. There are some extreme cases when we will work with customers on plants that have died or declined after the 24 hour period. If you feel like your plant warrants a claim please send us a message. You can also read more detail on our terms and conditions page.
  • How will my plants be delivered?
    • Most likely they will be delivered on an enclosed semi-truck between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. The truck driver will contact you directly on the phone number you provide at check out. He will verify that order quantities are correct, but he cannot help unload due to liability issues.
  • Will you install the plants that I buy?
    • No, we do not install plants. If you would like some suggestions, contact us and we’ll give you some great recommendations for landscapers where you live.
  • How long do you guarantee the plants that I buy?
    • We do not guarantee plants longer than 24 hours after they are delivered. Please let us know of any quality issues in the first 24 hours after they are delivered via the contact us page.
  • Where do all these plants come from?
    • 95% of the plants you order come from one of the nurseries listed in the “Our Farms” section on the “Support” page. There are some cases when we run low on stock in our own farms that we will procure plants from other farms outside of our own farms.
  • What if I don’t like my plant, can I return it?
    • Sure. we know that some times a plant is misordered and we’re happy to accommodate any of those needs. There is a 25% restocking fee applied to returned plant material unless it is a quality issue. Please feel free to contact us for questions on any quality issues that you may have.
  • I have a question that isn’t addressed here, who should I talk to.
    • You can reach out to us via the contact us form (we’re really fast at getting back to you) or you can chat with us through the chat feature on our website. (Again we’re really fast at getting back to you)
  • I’ve noticed that all the farms and this website are “powered by TreeSource Systems”. What does that mean?
    • TreeSource Systems is the name of the company that ties all our farms and nurseries together. TreeSource Systems by definition is the combination of all our companies working together to provide landscaping solutions to our customers. TreeSource Systems provides assistance to all the entities in the form of logistics, sourcing, marketing, programming, management and of course, growing. For more information, visit our website www.treesourcesystems.com