Tree sizes explained

In the wholesale world of plants, trees, shrubs, and perennials are often sold in black containers like the one in this picture below.

We call these containers or pots. There are varying sizes of containers ranging from 1 quart up to 95 Gallon (that’s a really big container) All the trees that we sell at are between 5 gallons and 25 gallons. The size of the pot that a tree or shrub is planted is dependent on what stage of growth the particular plant is in. Check out this chart below that outlines all the different sizes of Trees as they correlate to each pot size.

Why use containers?

Containers are very useful in nursery production primarily because they allow the tree to be moved multiple times while causing very little damage to the root system. They also offer to help the plant retain water allowing the tree to grow stronger. Plants that are grown in containers generally get their custom soil mix, allowing the plant to thrive in the best possible conditions as well.

Container pots can benefit you because of their lower weight compared to field dug trees. This allows you to be able to plant your trees or shrubs with out any or little equipment.

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